Use of Orgalife in vegetables crops

Each 6-12 days, with 20-30 litres of Orgalife per hectar. Water diluted
The number of foliar treatments and the Orgalife quantity depend on the plant variety and on the soil quality.
In foliar treatment, it is important to apply the recommended Orgalife quantity per decare.
Water quantity depends on the pump (consumed water litres per decare )

In accordance with our long-term experience, we recommend the following treatments.
First treatment: 10 days prior to nursery plant production, the soil for the nursery is treated.
Second treatment: Treatment of nursery plants in 5-7 days.
Third treatment: The soil for nursery plants is treated 10-15 days prior to transplanting.
When plants are mature for transplanting, it is best to first apply 50-70 grams Orgalife solid (link) in the holes in which plants shall be placed, so that the plant root will be in contact with Orgalife solid.
Fourth treatment: Immediately following transplanting.
Fifth treatment: before blooming – so as to ensure additional and more intense blooming.
Sixth and subsequent treatments: During fruit creation, and after each harvest, for larger and more equal fruits and faster fruit maturation.
When blooming and fruit quantity exceed the regular ones, and the root cannot manage to feed all fruits, we recommend more frequent foliar treatment.

Drip irrigation system:

In 5-10 days, with 20-30 litres/hectar, for additional blooming, faster maturation, and larger and more equal fruits.