On each 10-15 days; 10-20 liters per hectare

Orgalaif is diluted with water. If treated with a 16-liter back pump, add 600-700 grams of Orgalife. If it is sprayed with a tractor sprayer, then 10-20 liters of Orgalife are added to one hectare for one treatment. It is important to apply the recommended amount of Orgalife. The amount of water depends on how much sprinklers consume water per hectare.

The number of treatments and the amount of Orgalajf depends on the type of plant, the size, and the quality of the soil.

For plants that are harvested more often, the number of treatments increases (pepper, tomato, cornichon, cucumber, etc.)

Plants that are harvested once or twice require 2-3 treatments (potatoes, cabbage, beets, etc.)

Based on our good practice, we recommend the following treatments:

First treatment: 600-700 grams of Orgalife per pump of 16 liters of water.

  • 10-15 days before the start of preparation for seedlings, the soil on which the seeds will be sown is treated with Orgaljaf. It is best to make a mix of 20-30% and quality soil or compost.

Second treatment: 600-700 grams of Orgalife per pump of 16 liters of water.

  • Seedlings are treated each 7-10 days.

Third treatment:

  • Before planting the seedlings, the soil should be treated with Orgalife, in order to make a kind of disinfecting of the soil with the microbes contained in Orgalife.

Orgalife fertilizer microorganisms transform unavailable forms of soil and air minerals into easily accessible forms for plants. Such soils become more fertile.

Fourth treatment:

  • Immediately after the seedling.

Fifth treatment:

  • Before flowering, to ensure extensive flowering.

Sixth treatment:

  • Sixth and subsequent treatments after harvest or every second harvest.

With this treatment It is expected to obtain a greater number of flowers, faster ripening, more harvests, and bigger and tastier fruits that stay fresh for a long time.


If you notice that the plant is growing very quickly, reduce the amount of Orgalife or simply stop the treatment for a short time.

Good practice says that the best tomato in the village (In Macedonia) is obtained with only 3 treatments with Oragalife.


1-3 treatments during the growing season

If you are not using the drop-by-drop system, then Orgalife can be sprayed onto the plants. In addition to feeding the plant through the leaf, Orgalife will also be applied to the soil, so it will be feeding the soil for the purposes of the plants