ORGALIFE Solid worm casting fertilizer

ORGALIFE Solid is a high quality Organic Microbiological Fertilizer, Biostimulator and Soil improver, produced from manure processed by the Californian red worms. Californian red worms process manure within a period of one year (process recognized as casting*). The compost undergoes a drying and sifting process. Fine granulation of Californian red worms’ solid humus is obtained as final product. Orgalife humus is a solid fertilizer rich in all organogenic elements, microelements, and bioactive microorganisms. It is ideal to be used in organic agriculture (as well as in conventional agriculture). It is applied directly to/above the root. No overdosage with this product. Plants easily and quickly accept and use the benefits originating from the microbiological composition of Orgalife solid. Orgalife solid, of average quality, contains: 5 times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus, 11 times more potassium, and 3 times more magnesium compared to manure.

Manure not subjected to the Californian red worms’ processing transmits more weeds, plant diseases, and nematodes.

*Casting is a process in which Californian red worms treat/use as food the manure originating from cows/ horses/ sheep.

*Californian red worms composting is a process in which worms feed with food or plant residues.



For greenhouse crops (vegetables)

In the production of seedlings, it is necessary to add min 10% Orgalife solid to neutral base (peat) mixed with 10% sand. The soil for transplanting of seedlings should be previously mixed with 10% Orgalife solid, followed by treatment with Orgalife liquid fertilizer. When plants are mature for transplanting, best practice is to place 80-100 gr Orgalife solid in the holes intended for the plants, so that the plant root can be in direct contact with the fertilizer.

In addition, Orgalife solid can, prior to planting, be scattered on the soil in quantity of 3-4 tonnes per hectare, followed by shallow tractor ploughing.

For fruit plantations

  • Before planting, the new seedling root is soaked in a mash (mix) of Orgalife solid  and water.
  • When planting fruit trees, 1.5-2 kg Orgalife solid is applied in the seedling hole.
  • For trees up to 5 years, 1.5-2 kg Orgalife solid is applied (below/above the soil surface around the stem).
  • For trees older than 5 years, 2 – 3 kg Orgalife solid is applied.
  • In order to produce higher yield and achieve higher plant resistance to frost, we recommend autumn fertilization with Orgalife humus as well as plant treatment with Orgalife liquid fertilizer in spring.
  • New plantations treated with Orgalife solid and Orgalife liquid fertilizers provide their full yield one year earlier.

For vineyards

  • During production of grape vine grafts, 600 – 700 gr / m2 Orgalife solid is applied before planting.
  • When planting grape vine plantations, 300 – 400 gr Orgalife solid is applied to a single seedling.
  • Fertilization of vineyards is performed with 1 – 3 kg Orgalife solid per seedling, depending on the grape vine age: up to 5 years, 1 kg per seedling is applied; from 5 – 10 years, 2 kg per seedling; and for age of more than 10 years, 3 kg per seedling is applied.
  • In spring, we recommend 2 foliar treatments with Orgalife liquid fertilizer
  • In case of drip irrigation systems, autumn fertilization should be performed with Orgalife liquid fertilizer.
  • New plantations treated with Orgalife solid and Orgalife liquid fertilizers provide their full yield one year earlier.