fruit plantations

Use of Orgalife  in fruit plantations:

  • Fruit plantations treated with Orgalife have more intense blooming, bigger and more equal fruits with stronger colours and better flavour and aroma.
  • Following the harvest, prolonged freshness of the fruit and improved transport tolerance is ensured.
  • Fruits mature 7-15 days earlier as compared to plants treated with chemical fertilizers.
  • Plants provide their full yield one year earlier compared to plants treated with chemical fertilizers.
  • Vitamin C in fruits is increased 2-7 times, thus increasing the plant immunity and resistance to all types of diseases, drought, ice, and heat shocks. – Insect infestation is reduced.

Treatment programme for 1 hectare

Foliar treatment:
3- 6 treatments with 20-30 litres Orgalife per hectare. Diluted with water.
The number of foliar treatments and the Orgalife quantity depend on the plant variety and age, and on the soil quality. In foliar treatment, it is important to apply the recommended Orgalife quantity. Water quantity depends on the pump type (consumed water litres per 1 hectare)

In accordance with our long-term experience, we recommend the following treatments.

  • First treatment: Following the harvest – the plant should be prepared for the winter, so as to start the spring with more young offshoots.
  • Second treatment: in early spring, together with fungicide and organic boron and zinc, so as to additionally protect the plants against hoarfrost and spring ice.
  • Third treatment:  After falling of 70% of the flowers, together with insecticide.
  • Fourth treatment: Upon formation of fruits, 10 days after blooming – so as to keep the fruits.
  • Fifth treatment: During fruit formation – to produce larger and more equal fruits.
  • Sixth treatment: For larger and more equal fruits and stronger colours.
  • Seventh treatment: and perhaps the subsequent one: There is more yield to be fed.

Drip irrigation system:

2-3 treatments with 30 litres/hectare
On plantations without drip irrigation system, additional 1 – 2 foliar treatments are recommended.
With foliar treatment, Orgalife on leaves generates feeding through leaves, and feeding through the soil is generated when the one falls on the ground.

We recommend:
After pruning, branches are grinded (with attached grinder machine on branches), are treated with Orgalife, followed by shallow ploughing or tiller processing.
The microbiological flora, significant number of beneficial microorganisms and mature humus in the soil represent the basis for fine, health, and quality yield planning.