Use of Orgalife in grain crops:

Use of Orgalife in grain crops:

Microbiological flora; the significant number of beneficial microorganisms and mature humus in the soil represent the basis for planning fine and quality yield. Best results are achieved when Orgalife is used immediately following the harvest. After harvesting, the straw is cut and treated. It is important for Orgalife to be equally spread on the surface (10-30 l/hectare), followed by shallow ploughing. The presence of microorganisms in the soil significantly increases the percentage of organic matter in it. In about 50-60 days, the microorganisms from Orgalife shall convert the straw into mature humus. The humus shall retain the soil moisture so that the plants shall have sufficient quantity of moisture also in the dry period of the year, which shall result into significantly increased yields.

In order to produce maximal effect, manure or plant residues from other cultures can be equally spread on the surface. Bacteria die hard in this phase, since if the current conditions are not favourable, they protect themselves hibernating through a spore release process, and are waiting for a proper moment to become active. The same are usually active when the soil temperature exceeds 6 degrees or when the air temperature is above 10 degrees.

Practice has shown that seeds treated with Orgalife provides excellent results during sprouting, germination and root establishment, thus ensuring incomparably better plant growth and development than any other form of treatment prior sowing. Since plants have developed and advanced in an excellent manner, and have created the maximal yield potential, it is recommendable to have two more treatments in spring, end of February or the beginning of March, thus guaranteeing record yields!

Application of 1 treatment: 10-30 litres Orgalife per 1 hectare

Treatment options:

Option 1

  • First treatment: immediately following harvest (The condition is to treat the straw as stated above)
  • Second treatment:  feeding in spring (with Orgalife)
  • Third treatment:  feeding in spring (Orgalife)

Option 2 

  • First treatment: in autumn, following plant sprouting (Orgalife)
  • Second treatment: feeding in spring (Orgalife)
  • Third treatment:  feeding in spring (Orgalife)

Option 3

  • First treatment: mineral fertilizer in autumn
  • Second treatment: feeding in spring(Orgalife)
  • Third treatment:  feeding in spring(Orgalife)


Gluten percentage is increased above 30%. Orgalife reduces diseases in plants by 50-80% . Diseases in grain crops can reduce yield even by 30% . Orgalife is mixed with herbicides and insecticides . If possible, not to treat in sunny weather. Best to treat early in the morning, in the afternoon, or in cloudy weather. Air temperature should be above 10 C0, soil temperature above 6 C0. Easily to apply with significantly reduced costs.