100% PURE and NATURE – Organic Microbial Fertilizer + Biostimulator + Soil Improver

Orgalife - liquid organic fertilizer

Orgalife is a liquid organic microbiological fertilizer prepared from Californian red worms casting base. Orgalife fertilizer secures and balances plant nutrition in an entirely different manner as compared to standard chemical fertilizers. Microorganisms are the leading quality of Orgalife fertilizer. The same are naturally produced, from Californian red worms casting, a process lasting for a period of one year. Orgalife fertilizer microorganisms transform unavailable forms of soil and air minerals into easily accessible forms for plants, thus enabling plant nutrition to take place through natural physiological processes (in both soil and plants).

Orgalife Solid Organic Fertilizer

ORGALIFE Solid is a high quality organic microbiological solid fertilizer, produced from manure processed by the Californian red worms. Californian red worms process manure within a period of one year (process recognized as casting*). The compost undergoes a drying and sifting process. Fine granulation of Californian red worms’ solid humus is obtained as final product. Orgalife humus is a solid fertilizer rich in all organogenic elements, microelements, and bioactive microorganisms. It is ideal to be used in organic agriculture (as well as in conventional agriculture). It is applied directly to/above the root. No overdosage with this product. Plants easily and quickly accept and use the benefits originating from the microbiological composition of Orgalife solid.