Use of Orgalife in viticulture


Based on our good practice, we recommend the following treatments.

3 – 4 treatments: 10 – 20 liters per hectare.

It is diluted with water

First treatment:  In autumn, following the harvest.  With this treatment, plants shall be able to more easily deal with extremely low temperatures and shall be ready in spring for larger and healthier yields.

Second treatment: Immediately following the growth of young offshoots.

Third treatment: After blooming.

Fourth: During fruit formation

The number of foliar treatments and the amount of Orgalife depends on the variety and age of the vines as well as the quality of the soil.

In foliar treatment, it is important to apply the recommended amount of Orgalife.

Water quantity depends on the pump(consumed water litres per 1 hectare)


1-2 treatments, 20-30 liters/hectare.


Wineries producing top wines shall reduce the treatment with protective means, and could also produce a higher yield which will be of significantly higher quality as compared to the yield treated with chemical fertilizers.

Vitamin C in fruits treated with Orgalife and Orgalife solid is increased 2-7 times, thus increasing the plant immunity and resistance to all types of diseases, drought, ice, and heat shocks.

A large number of beneficial microorganisms (above 100 billion in 1ml.)shall largely destroy the harmful microorganisms causing plant diseases.

The percentage of sugar increases

With the foliar treatment of Orgalife, that part of the liquid that will fall on the leaf is food through the leaf, and the part that will fall on the soil will be the plant’s food through the soil.

We recommend

After pruning, the branches should be mulched (and left on the soil) Then treated with Orgalife, and then shallowly plowed or milled.

The excess green mass is very important. This organic matter must not be underestimated.

The microbiological flora, in fact, a large number of useful microorganisms, and mature humus in the soil are the basis for planning a good and quality crop.

Microorganisms from Orgalife repair the structure of the soil and regulate the water-air regime.