Potassium synthesis

Potassium in the soil is in the form of a crystal mineral mesh and its share in the total quantities of soil is 90%. The amount of potassium in the soilis much greater than that of the phosphorus and nitrogen, around 2.40%.The question that arises is related to its availability to plants. Its release and bringing it into a form which is available to the plants for their nutrition is dependent on bacteria, especially bacilus cirkullans. Potassium is also released into large amounts from alumosilicates, silica oxides and aluminum oxides in which there are alkaline K-cations. Here microorganisms perform hydrolysis, where K-cations are replaced by H-ions of the water, whereas the released K-ion passes into salty acids carrying the potassium signs. Lucine has proven to be a good substation of the potassium salts.